Helios has existed for more than 30 years and is the preferred IT solution for independent workshops in the automotive industry. Helios was developed by Helios Auto ApS (Formerly RST ApS) and is currently used by around 450 automotive and maritime workshops in Norway. This amounts to almost 2000 users in Norway every day. Helios is growing rapidly and is used by more than 1300 workshops in the Nordic region.

From 1st. January 2019, Helios Auto AS itself took over the Norwegian dealership, intending to sell, support and further develop the Helios program in the Scandinavian market on its own behalf. All our employees have previous experience from workshops/car sales, and thus enjoy an insider’s view of how workshops run on a daily basis.

We can deliver a complete solution for your business – all in one program.


Total Specific Solutions (TSS) is a global company established in the Netherlands, working in vertical markets with niche products for different industries and is today represented in 22 different markets in 14 different countries. In total, TSS has around 4,100 employees in 110 companies with around 45,000 customers.

TSS has a tradition of building long-term customer relationships. Some even up to 20 to 40 years. TSS’ software solutions provide their customers with real business value and with a high level of efficiency. The acquisition of Helios provides strength and strategic knowledge in new markets that will help lift Helios’ product in the industry and give the company growth in the Nordic region. Helios has 30 years’ of experience in the industry and many customers in both Denmark and Norway have been involved since the beginning in the early 1990s.


The Helios team in Denmark and Norway continues unchanged with the new owners. You will therefore experience the same good service and insight when you contact us. Now, though, you will also benefit from the organisational strength that TSS possesses.

The strength Helios has in the market is down to skilled, committed employees who have knowledge and experience from the automotive industry in both Denmark and Norway. The management teams in both Denmark and Norway continue as before with even greater drive and will to create the market’s most in-demand software for the auto industry in the Nordic region.

“We see TSS as a significant and important step into the future of the Helios concept,” says MD Carsten Thune. “With TSS behind us, we can offer the Helios concept to a new, larger customer group. We have now turned our attention to authorised brand dealers, both existing and new. With enhanced resources from TSS, we can further engage in our traditional market – the independent car workshops and dealers in the Nordic region.”

TSS is local in the Nordic countries and at the same
time a global player.


With TSS as owners, we can offer wholesale chains and new and established car brands an IT solution with a local presence throughout the Nordic region. Just as we successfully do today in Denmark and Norway. Helios Auto’s entry into Sweden and other Nordic countries was announced earlier in various media. Owing to Covid 19, this process was put on stand-by in 2020/21. Now, with fewer Covid 19 restrictions and TSS’ involvement, this process can be accelerated. We aim to position ourselves in the market not only as the DMS system for authorised dealers and independent workshops, but also as a very competitive product compared to the other established systems. We can do this and more. We look forward to the future together with TSS and to bringing new software products to the market, both for existing customers and new ones.

Helios, one system, all wholesalers. You choose!


More than 1000 workshops currently use helios as their it system. This makes helios one of the most widespread dms systems in the nordic region. Helios is available in danish, norwegian, swedish, finnish, english and german. Helios has been on the nordic market for more than 30 years. Helios has an open platform and more than 150 integrations with third-party products.